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John and his teams offer highly specialized marketing and business consulting services with the necessary tools, relationships, and expertise to help market and grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on your immediate needs while producing new ideas, developing effective, long-term strategies, and designing high quality and scalable growth solutions. Contact us to learn more.


Our teams bring more than 100,000 hours of combined tactical experience across a very specific range of business and marketing competencies. With few exceptions, I have personally worked with our expert team of advisors for no less than 10 years. Whether your business is well established or just getting started, our specialized focus begins and ends with establishing a clear understanding of your business and goals. Learn more about the specific areas we choose to focus on. 


Start-Ups  |  SaaS  | Small Business |  Agencies  |  Enterprise  |  E-Commerce

Nobody said it would be easy. Being an entrepreneur and building a business is not for everyone. When things are going well, life is great. When things are tough, it can get very lonely, very quickly. Regardless of the size of your business or your team's strengths and experience level, there will be challenges, plateaus, and unexpected change. Thankfully, and with the right mindset and support system, these challenges become opportunities to learn and grow. 


Since 2001, my teams and I have helped start and build businesses along side some of Chicago's most successful serial technology entrepreneurs. Learning and operating with some of the most successful needle movers in business today, my teams have built world class software products, unstoppable teams, and innovative, repeatable marketing strategies that have stood the test of time.

Tell us about your business. We're here to listen.

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30 Minute Complimentary Consultation

Tell us about your business and your goals. We'll connect, get to know you and your business, and provide some useful insights and suggestions with no obligation. Life is short. Work with people who share your mutual values and raise your personal and professional capital.


Thank you! We will be in contact with you shortly. If you need immediate assistance, please email us at or dial direct 630-624-5646.

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